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Available from October 2013, with the support of Sennheiser, The Museum of Innocence will be visited with audio guide equipments guide ports in Turkish and English. The Museum of Innocence Audio Guides feature Orhan Pamuk's own voice in the Turkish language and the voices of the musician Richard Hamer and the Regional Arts Director of the British Council Gregory Nash as well as Pamuk in English, with the support of the British Council.


Those visitors to the Museum of Innocence, which is defined as "… the single most powerfully beautiful, humane and affecting work of contemporary art anywhere in the world, at once poetic and darkly comical; tender and, case by case, space by space, aesthetically ravishing" by the acknowledged art historian Simon Schama at the British Financial Times, will be able to listen to new information about the museum from Pamuk’s own voice. Furthermore, among the sounds of the museum’s Audio Guide, one can find those sounds that Cevdet Erek who has installed and designed all the sounds of the museum has arranged for the museum as well as the Meltem Soda song that Nil Karaibrahimgil has composed for museum’s ‘Turkey’s First Fruit Soda’ display. This is an opportunity not to miss especially for those who wait to see the museum only after they have read the novel.

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